About Us

Established in 2005, AEG Remodeling, Inc. is one of the leading contracting companies in the Greater Baltimore area. With close to 15 years of experience, they offer commercial renovation and full home remodeling services with unparalleled professionalism and attention to detail.

A collaboration between Joshua Steinharter and Elazar Engel, AEG Remodeling originated as a small woodworking company, which emphasized their expertise in meticulous, detailed craftsmanship. As the company grew, it progressed to fine cabinetry making and later expanded to include all levels of commercial and residential construction.

Currently, AEG Remodeling focuses on complete commercial renovations and small residential additions, as well as kitchen and bath remodeling, utilizing a mastery in areas such as carpentry, fine tiling and flooring.

Joshua Steinharter

Joshua Steinharter’s experience with intricate woodworking and carpentry gives him the skills to manage the business and team meticulously. With his professional origins in custom cabinets and countertops, Joshua developed a strong attention to detail early on. Since then, he had the rare opportunity to study and construct custom kitchens abroad.

As a result, he has mastered all aspects of custom kitchen remodeling and a wide range of carpentry skills. Additionally, Joshua is passionately involved in various mentoring activities such as hiring and training teens from troubled backgrounds as interns. Joshua has effectively guided his company to success with a hands-on construction management style and team-oriented leadership.

Elazar Engel

Raised in the construction business, Elazar Engel can boast a life-long knowledge of the industry. He began creating custom furniture while in his young teens, deciding just two years later to begin pursuing his formal career in the renovation and construction industries. Mainly focusing in the areas of fine carpentry and kitchen remodeling, the business he founded with Joshua Steinharter has now expanded to encompass all areas of residential and commercial remodeling.

Elazar focuses his energy on project management, ensuring every step of the process meets their standards of excellent customer service and satisfaction. Under his careful eye, carpenters and tradesmen alike are given the leadership necessary to fulfill the task at hand. Committed to community outreach, Elazar is a key player in successful youth mentoring programs and volunteer organizations.